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Invisalign Technology


At Ray Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to make sure our patients get the best possible treatment. That is why we utilize an Itero scanner to help fabricate your Invisalign trays. To begin your Invisalign journey with us, you will receive a fast 2 minute scan that is painless and stress free. This scan will capture all the detailed anatomy of your teeth and bite which will be used to help make your Invisalign trays. This scanner replaces the old gooey impressions of the past which were uncomfortable and would cause gagging.

One of the most important benefits of an iTero scanner is the accuracy. An iTero scan is much more accurate than old traditional impressions. Receiving a scan to begin your Invisalign journey will result in Invisalign trays that fit better, and therefore have better results, in a faster period of time.

Once we scan your teeth at your consultation, Dr. Ray will be able to use the iTero technology to show what your new, beautiful #RayOrtho smile will look like. You and Dr. Ray will together make certain that you will have the smile of your dreams!

Ray Orthodontics proudly provides Braces and Invisalign care to children, teens, and adults in the Montebello, Whittier, East LA, Commerce, Monterey Park, Alhambra, Pico Rivera, Palmdale, and Lancaster areas.

To schedule your complimentary consultation, please call 323-597-1712, or click here, and one of our friendly Ray Ortho team members will take care of you. We hope you join the Ray Ortho family!