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Foods to avoid with Braces, and foods that are OK to eat with Braces

Foods to avoid with Braces, and foods that are OK with Braces.

Being a parent of 3 kids myself, I know feeding them can be challenging at times. Once they getbraces, kids (or adults) have to be extra careful of what they eat. Foods that are hard, crunchy,or sticky can cause the…
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iTero scanner

At Ray Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to make sure our patients get the best possible treatment. That is why we utilize an Itero scanner to help fabricate your Invisalign trays. To begin your Invisalign journey…
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Ray Bucks

It’s time for our new contest! This time we have two fun contests to announce: If you refer a patient who starts treatment, you will get $100 off of your treatment fee (or a $100 gift card if paid in…
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Since the beginning of Orthodontics, brackets and wires were the norm. That was until 1998 when Invisalign was invented by 4 Stanford graduate students. Invisalign was created for patients who wanted Orthodontic treatment, but wanted to avoid brackets and wires.…
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Importance of retainers and how to take care of them

Once your big day has finally arrived and you are ready to get your Braces/Invisalign off, your work is not yet over! After you get your pearly whites all straightened up, you need to keep them that way with retainers.…
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Orthodontist Montebello

Braces for Adults

There used to be a time where Braces and Orthodontic treatment was just for kids. Not anymore! There have been many advancements over the past 20 years that have made braces much more comfortable for adults. Adults now comprise for…
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Back to School with Braces in Palmdale and Montebello

With school right around the corner, there’s no better time to get a shiny new smile! If your kid is getting braces before school starts, there are some things we’d like to share to help set the stage for an…
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4 tricks for Orthodontic Health Month

It’s October in Montebello and Palmdale, which brings Orthodontic Health Month and Halloween! Everywhere you turn you see bags and bags of delicious sugary goodness calling like a candy-coated siren. The only difference is that from an orthodontic perspective, we…
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