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Dr. Ray really made a difference in my smile. I already had braces once before and not only did that orthodontist do a horrible job, but I neglected to wear my retainers and my teeth shifted. I went to Dr. Ray for braces to fix my overbite and straighten what had moved and he went above and beyond! I finished my treatment in less than 6 months and am beyond happy with the results! I can safely say... I wear my retainer religiously now!

Stephanie F., Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Ray is one of the most caring, gentle, and meticulous doctors. I took my daughter to this gem and I am beyond thrilled with his work. My daughter's teeth look amazing and just perfect. Thanks, Dr. Ray. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Robin G., Beverly Hills, CA

Dr Ray is the best! He really makes you feel very comfortable about getting braces or any ortho treatment and he suggest only the best for you! I was nervous about getting braces but now I am very very happy with my new straight teeth. Really helps when you have an orthodontist and a dental staff that for fills your needs and makes you feel comfortable. I would definitely suggest anyone seeking dental treatment go here!

Chantele B., Upland, CA

Dr. Ray has been so awesome that I have to share how truly amazing this Orthodontist is!

First of all, Dr. Ray gives free Retainers for life!!! My son got braces at another office years ago and when he lost his retainers, the doctor there charged me $500 to replace them! At RAY ortho, you get free replacement retainers for life!

Also I love his schedule! He's open evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays also so I never have trouble fitting appointments into my busy schedule. And when we get to our appointments, we never have to wait!

The best part of Dr. Ray is how much he really cares. He doesn't just come and look for 10 seconds and then leave. Dr Ray is genuinely interested in how my daughter is doing. He takes his time and explains everything to us.

All in all, Im loving my experience with Dr Ray!!

afsy b., Woodland Hills, CA